How to measure blood pressure correctly?

Release time£º2018/11/5

Generally speaking, there are three ways to measure blood pressure, one is to be measured by a doctor in the hospital, one is to measure at home, and the other is to monitor blood pressure 24 hours a day. Among them, the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (measurement of blood pressure every 15-30 minutes, continuous monitoring for 24 hours) is the most accurate measurement result, because the human blood pressure is not fixed within 24 hours a day, but A certain range fluctuates up and down, and is affected by various external factors.

The accuracy of the blood pressure measurement at home is between the doctor's measurement and 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. And the experience of countless patients shows that there is no obvious difference between the blood pressure measured at home and the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. accurate.

How to measure blood pressure correctly at home?

1. Prepare an electronic sphygmomanometer with compound national standard, high accuracy and convenience;

2. Let family members wrap the upper arm of the testee with a hollow rubber sleeve. One end of this leather sleeve is connected with a pressure gauge with a rubber tube, and the other end is connected with a rubber balloon;

3. The family repeatedly squeezes the rubber balloon and slams the air into the rubber sleeve to flatten the arteries of the upper arm, temporarily stopping the flow of blood, and then slowly lowering the pressure;

4. In this process, the pressure recorded when the blood begins to flow and sound is called systolic pressure, that is, high pressure;

5. Then continue to release the air in the sleeve and continue to listen to the sound of blood flow. The pressure recorded when the sound is not heard is diastolic pressure, that is, low pressure.

Judgment Criteria for Hypertension: Due to fluctuations in blood pressure, the traditional method for judging hypertension in my country is to measure three times in succession at intervals of one month each time. If 130mmHg ¡Ü systolic blood pressure ¡Ü 139mmHg, 85mmHg ¡Ü diastolic blood pressure ¡Ü 89mmHg, it is critical high pressure; if systolic blood pressure ¡Ý 140mmHg, diastolic blood pressure ¡Ý 90mmHg, it is hypertension.

What should be paid attention to before measuring blood pressure?

1. Measurement time

The best time to measure blood pressure is after waking up in the morning, before getting up, or before going to bed at night. Because our blood pressure usually starts to fall 2 hours before going to bed and rises 2 hours after we get up, the values ​​measured in the morning and evening are the most valuable.

2. External environment

The environment for measuring blood pressure should be quiet and the temperature should be appropriate. This is a necessary environmental requirement, otherwise the measurement results will not be prepared.

3. Diet taboo

Before taking the measurement, take a rest for at least 5 minutes. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, strong tea and coffee, or eat too full for half an hour before the measurement, and it is best to empty your urine.

4. Measuring posture

It is best to sit while measuring, and relax your muscles. It is best to measure the upper right arm. When measuring, be sure to push up the sleeve. Do not let the sleeve squeeze to the cuff for measurement. At the same time, the elbow and the heart should be kept at the same level.

5. Emotional control

When measuring blood pressure, avoid tension, anxiety, excitement and other emotions, because they may cause fluctuations in blood pressure values.

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