What can I eat to stabilize my blood pressure?

Release time£º2018/12/16

Eating celery, kelp, black fungus can stabilize blood pressure. High blood pressure is very harmful to the human body. If the blood pressure continues to be too high, it may cause stroke and heart disease. High blood pressure has always been a disease that the elderly can easily get. However, in recent years, many young people have also developed high blood pressure due to poor living habits and eating habits. In addition to drug control, hypertension's usual diet is also very important.


Celery contains rutin and acidic ingredients. Rutin can increase the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the permeability of capillaries, and lower blood pressure. Acidic components can dilate blood vessels and fight the increase in blood pressure caused by nicotine. Celery can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be made into dumplings or fried with meat.


The reason why kelp has the effect of lowering blood pressure is because kelp contains kelp acid. Kelp can lower blood pressure in a short time, so it is very suitable for people with high blood pressure. Kelp should choose to eat fresh, and do not soak kelp in water for a long time. Auricularia auricula contains a large amount of adenine nucleoside, which can dissolve blood clots and can effectively control blood pressure. In addition, black fungus can also reduce cerebral thrombosis caused by high blood pressure.


In order to control blood pressure, in addition to eating these foods, you should also exercise properly, such as jogging or morning exercises. Patients with high blood pressure should not eat sweets, which can easily cause blood sugar to rise linearly. Do not eat preserved foods or fried foods. The preserved foods will change the osmotic pressure of the cells, and high blood pressure can easily occur at this time. Deep-fried food clogs the pores of blood vessels and blood pressure rises as a result.

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