How to wear a mask correctly?

Release time£º2020/3/1

Masks can be divided into three categories:

1. Medical surgical masks (block 70% of bacteria); 2. N95 masks (block 95% of bacteria); 3. Ordinary cotton yarn masks (block 36% of bacteria).

To prevent new types of pneumonia, experts recommend that the public wear it-medical surgical masks or N95 masks! Don't use cotton masks. Among them, medical surgical masks are available in general pharmacies, and N95 masks are currently only available at certain specialty drug stores or medical instrument companies. For ordinary citizens, if they are going to a public place and are not in contact with the patient, it is sufficient to wear a medical surgical mask, without excessive protection. If you are in contact with the patient, wear a bio-protective N95 mask. Commonly used N95 masks are actually divided into two types, one is a biological mask (blue-green), model 1860 or 9132; one is a dust mask (white), model 8210. If you have a purchase need, you should also choose a biological protective mask.

Disposable medical masks: There are three layers of disposable medical masks, and they are divided into inside and outside. The light-colored face has a hygroscopic function. It should be attached to the mouth and nose so that the dark side faces outward. With the side of the metal plate facing up, remember not to wear it backwards. According to your face shape, fully unfold the folded face, completely cover the nose, mouth, and jaw, and then press the nose clip tightly to make the mask fit the face completely.

Steps for wearing a head-mounted mask: Hold the mask body with one hand, the fingertip is at the position of the nose clip, let the two headbands hang freely under the back of the hand, the nose clip faces upward, the mask buckles the chin, and wear the upper headband at the top position Put the headband on your neck. Using the index fingers of both hands, starting from the middle of the nose clip, move to the sides and press down on the nose clip to shape the bridge of the nose.

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