Over 300 Chinese doctors FireWire support Italy

Release time£º2020/3/19

Just just now, the real-time statistics of the World Health Organization data show that the cumulative number of confirmed cases worldwide reached 200,179, of which 15639 cases were added on the same day, and a total of 8122 deaths.

At the time when the number of infected people across the world has crossed the 200,000 mark, the number of diagnoses in Italy, the hardest hit area in Europe, is also more than 32,000, and the high mortality rate of elderly patients in the country is also worrying. After a large increase in the number of diagnoses for several consecutive days, medical resources in many parts of Italy also appeared in an emergency.

The epidemic has become so severe that Italy has also introduced strict national closure measures. However, according to mobile phone usage information monitoring, more than 40% of the population in the hard-hit area Lombardy still did not comply with the rules of staying at home and frequently went out. Reports show that while Italy is "at home", Milan, the center of the epidemic area, is becoming more and more "open".

Perhaps Milanese have become numb to the news of the coronavirus. From the initial snapping up and staying home quietly, to the increasingly indifferent work to and from the supermarket to buy food, the number of people going out in Milan has gradually increased. On the subway in Milan, many people must go to work. In the case of reduced subway frequency, the subway is crowded during peak hours. It is almost impossible to follow the 1 meter rule stipulated by law.


In Milan, the capital of Lombardy, the hardest hit area, the local area has already begun t rebuild the intensive care unit at the convention center, with 500 beds expected. In order to support the construction of an intensive care hospital in Milan, the former Italian Prime Minister and rich man Berlusconi also decided to donate 10 million euros to set up a 400-bed intensive care unit.

The local ICU beds are already seriously inadequate. In order to allow critical patients to receive timely treatment, the region has begun to send patients to other regions for medical treatment. In the past two days, nearly 100 severe patients have been transferred. In addition, major hospitals in Italy have also opened tent versions of simple square cabin hospitals to improve treatment capabilities.


The latest news shows that a cruise ship will also be converted into a temporary hospital in Genoa for discharged patients who still need to be isolated for observation and treatment. As soon as next week, the ship will be able to receive patients. The initial plan is to place 25 wards, 6 doctors, 15 nurses, and 12 volunteers on board to take care of the patients. In the end, the ship will be transformed into a temporary hospital with 400 beds and 80 medical staff.

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