Precautions for the use of infrared thermometer

Release time£º2020/3/3

Precautions for the use of infrared thermometer:

1. The distance between the forehead gun and the forehead is generally 5-10cm;

2. Before measuring the body temperature, if charging or installing a battery, it should be placed for 5-10 minutes before use;

3. If it is necessary to change the environment to measure, it should be placed for 5-10 minutes and continue to measure;

4. Do not measure at places with relatively high wind speeds such as tuyere or doorway;

5. Avoid measurement under radiated interference;

6. Cosmetics and skin color may be affected by the measurement accuracy of the temperature gun;

7. Pay attention to the protective lens of the probe to protect the infrared front temperature gun;

8. Be careful not to immerse in water or direct sunlight;

9. Collision or heavy fall may cause damage to the forehead gun. Be careful when handling it.

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