Why do I need to wear a mask?

Release time£º2020/6/29

Coronavirus is spread from person to person, usually when someone comes into contact with the secretion of an infected person. The infectivity of the virus directly affects the route of transmission. The current transmission route of the new coronavirus is not clear, but according to previous experience, contact with the body fluids of the infected person coughing or sneezing, or shaking hands with the infected person may cause infection. If your hand touches something that an infected person has touched, and then touch your own mouth, nose, or eyes, you may also be infected with the virus.

Normally, there will be about 1 liter of liquid in the lungs of the person. Every time you sneeze, the lungs will spray these liquids like a squeezed water bottle. After reaching the body, they will be divided into more than 40,000 small drops, and each drop contains a lot of viruses and bacteria. Due to the huge thrust in the body, the speed of these liquids can be as high as 35 meters per second, and the propagation distance can reach 3 to 8 meters.

The reason why SARS in 2003 was so terrible is that it is difficult to control the speed of its transmission through droplets. On Monday, Southeast Asia flu will arrive in South China next Monday, and it will spread throughout the country next Monday.

So be sure to wear a mask! ! ! Even if you come into contact with an infected person, wearing a Disposable mask can stop you from inhaling the virus directly in the droplets.

Always wash your hands frequently! Even if the virus is left on the hand, washing your hands can stop the virus from entering the body through the hand.

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