Can disposable masks be reused?

Release time£º2020/7/2

Because the general disposable masks use non-woven fabrics, the used fabrics are disposable. It is best to throw them away after use. It is not recommended to reuse disposable masks. Disposable masks cannot be washed. Electrostatically adsorbed bacteria and fine particulate matter. After washing, the electrostatic effect is not ideal, which easily causes bacteria and fine particulate matter to enter the respiratory tract, so that the purpose of wearing a mask is not achieved. The service life of disposable masks is 4 to 8. Hours, if there is pollution, deformation or damage during use, it should be replaced in time. Therefore, disposable masks cannot be reused.

If you have to reuse it, it is recommended that the disposable mask should not be washed with water. Doing so will destroy the integrity of the mask, even if it is blown dry. The best method is to spray the front and back of the mask with alcohol spray. It can be used after it is naturally dried. If there is an ultraviolet lamp, it can be irradiated for 30 minutes, and disinfection can also be completed.

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