Can medical masks be reused?

Release time£º2020/7/2

When many people use medical masks, they often use medical masks repeatedly or after disinfection because they think it is not a big deal. Can medical masks be reused? How can I reuse the detailed method as follows?

First of all, under normal circumstances, one-time application masks do not support repeated use. In theory, masks cannot be reversed or reused because their surface will isolate the source of infection.

But in a small number of cases, some people want to clean the surface of the mask through high temperature or alcohol disinfection. This method is actually feasible.

However, it should be noted that the temperature must be greater than 100 degrees Celsius and the dual anti-virus method of alcohol and hot water is required.

The reason why disposable masks are disposable is mainly because of their non-reusability. If forced to use reusable masks, there will be a certain danger.

Try not to use it again unless it is absolutely necessary. If you really want to use it repeatedly, you must do a good job of disinfection and sterilization, and then reuse it again.

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