Will fish be infected with new coronavirus?

Release time£º2020/7/2

In response to the ever-present statement that "fish is infected with new coronavirus", experts from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention once again stated that fish will not be infected with new coronavirus, and so far no contagious diseases transmitted to humans through fish have been found.

Experts said that the new coronavirus was detected in aquatic products such as salmon in the Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market because these aquatic products were contaminated by the new coronavirus rather than infected. Aquatic products may be contaminated by the new coronavirus in all aspects of fishing, slaughtering, transportation, sales, and processing, but the new coronavirus is unlikely to infect fish. Because virus infection requires a cell receptor for the host, fish cells do not have the same receptors as human cells. New coronavirus only infects mammals, and its pathological effects are mainly concentrated in the lungs. Fish have no lungs, so they are not easily infected with new coronavirus.

Wu Guizhen, Chief Expert of Biosafety, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Fish or other seafood, it belongs to lower non-mammalian animals. Although it also has ACE2 receptors, it is completely different. Therefore, the virus and its receptor will not bind, so it will not be infected.

According to experts, from the evidence currently available, the new coronavirus mainly spreads through direct contact with the respiratory tract droplets of infected persons, or the hands come into contact with objects contaminated by infected persons, and then the virus-contaminated hands touch the eyes, mouth or Infection of nasal mucosa.

Expert: No evidence of infection of edible seafood, but try not to contact raw fish

On June 19th, the State Council's Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism held a press conference to introduce the relevant information of the ¡°Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Normalization of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situations in Key Places in Key Regions in Summer in Low-risk Areas¡±. At the meeting, Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that there is no evidence of infection of new coronary pneumonia through the digestive tract through the consumption of food, including seafood products.

Feng Luzhao said that the transmission route of the new coronavirus is mainly through respiratory droplets. At the same time, high-concentration aerosols in a closed environment also have the risk of transmission.

Feng Luzhao also said that, in order to reduce the risk of transmission, it is recommended that everyone avoid contact with raw fish and meat, pay attention to food hygiene, wash hands before and after food processing, separate raw and cooked chopping boards, cooked food, and peeled fruits.

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