How to classify the level of protective masks

Release time£º2020/7/29

Select the protection level, and then check the dust in the environment:

If there is only harmful gas, the general tank selection can meet the requirements; if it contains dust, then the tank should be integrated. According to the filter grade, the integrated filter can confirm the performance level of the filter dust:

P1: General capacity filtration efficiency: ¡Ý95.0%;

P2: Medium capacity filtration efficiency: ¡Ý99.0%;

P3: Higher filtration efficiency: ¡Ý99.99%.

The higher the dust-proof level of the filter tank, the smaller the diameter of the dust filter particles, and the higher the performance of the dust filter.

All in all, the way to choose a tank is to check the protection type, check the protection level, and see if there is dust.

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