How to deal with disposable masks that have been worn?

Release time£º2020/7/31

     Recently, cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus have appeared in many places in China, and Sichuan has issued Level I emergency response to public health emergencies in the province. The general public has chosen to wear masks for self-protection. What should I do with disposable masks after they are discarded? Can they be thrown away? On January 25, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued an urgent notice to discard masks during the epidemic The collection, transportation and disposal of special hazardous waste will be deployed to increase the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus. Here, we call on the general public to consciously and properly dispose of waste disposable masks and other special hazardous waste to reduce the risk of infection.

1. What is special hazardous waste?
During the epidemic, there are mainly two types of special hazardous waste: one is masks discarded by residents, and the other is all household waste generated by households with fever.

2. Where should I throw out special hazardous waste such as discarded masks?
At present, the environmental health authorities of all cities and prefectures in Sichuan, together with the corresponding housing and urban-rural development authorities, supervise and guide residential communities, shopping malls, restaurants and other public places to set up special designated collection bins for special hazardous waste such as waste masks in eye-catching locations. We will resolutely stop littering and ask the general public to put special hazardous waste such as discarded masks in designated collection bins.

3. How to distinguish special collection buckets?
Where garbage classification has been implemented, the special collection bins are red hazardous garbage bins; where conditions are not available, other garbage bins that meet safety and airtight requirements can be used instead, and special hazardous garbage collection bins such as waste masks are indicated.

4. What should I do before throwing away special hazardous waste such as discarded masks?
Before discarding discarded masks, the general public should fold them into a long strip and bind them with ear ropes. When folding the masks, the contact surface of the mouth and nose should face outwards, and alcohol disinfection should be carried out if possible. All domestic garbage produced by households with fever symptoms should be stored in airtight plastic bags or airtight containers, and then put in designated collection bins.

5. How to collect, transport and dispose of waste masks and other special hazardous waste?
Discarded masks and other special hazardous wastes will be collected and transported separately in strict accordance with hazardous waste management requirements in all cities and prefectures in Sichuan to minimize transfer links. In principle, Nissan and Nissan will clear them. Sanitation and cleaning personnel will be responsible for the secondary sorting of special hazardous waste such as discarded masks that are not put in a centralized manner as required. The centralized collection of waste masks and other special hazardous wastes will be uniformly disposed of at hazardous waste disposal sites designated by the local ecological and environmental authorities or health authorities, and registered.

6. In the process of collection, transportation and disposal, how should the sanitation and cleaning staff protect themselves?
All environmental sanitation companies and property service companies will do a good job of training sanitation and cleaning personnel, enhance self-protection awareness, and timely distribute necessary protective equipment such as masks to sanitation and cleaning personnel.

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